Late 20’s. Believes his own hype.
A “Jack the lad” narcissist from the East End of London. A ladies’ man, he’s too busy enjoying life to settle down.
Doesn’t believe that “the one” who will rock his world exists. Loves his London life. Dislikes everything foreign, preferring to stick with his own type.
His slogans are “Make Britain great again” and “Jobs for the boys”. A fanatical West Ham supporter.


Late 20’s. Beautiful black woman, very stylish in an understated way.
Has worked hard to get to where she is. A high achieving, whip smart university graduate with a Masters in Business.
She remains in tune with her family and proud of her ethnic roots and the fact that both her uncles played football for West Ham. Loves London and puts family first. She is a level-headed and fair-minded woman who isn’t afraid to state her opinion.


Late 60’s. Has discovered the internet!
Loves surfing the web discovering important facts.
Has a great understanding of East End life. Loves her family.


Late 60’s. A real East End man, salt of the earth.
Fondly remembers a time when it wasn’t so foreign.
Isn’t so much a racist, as a product of his environment and his generation.


In his 80’s. Fought in the war to free the world from the scourge of Nazism and Communism but probably never really understood why.
Fought more out of patriotism. Hates the fact that all of his old mates moved out of the East End.
That said, he has a secret that only he knows.
All will be revealed.